Wendy Cahill with 28 in. Black Grouper caught in 140ft. with Live Pinfish on 9/18/20
Michelle Bello with a beautiful Jack Crevalle caught in Trout Cove on 8-29
Tom and Darla Applegarth with Tom's 28in. Mahi, caught on Billy Bait in 500ft. on August 18
Lee Lavery with Red Grouper measuring 25 in. caught 8/3/20 aboard her vessel Ladyfish
Deborah Calhoun with 20 in Mutton Snapper caught in 48 ft. on ballyhoo chunk 8/3/20
Darla Applegarth with 22 in. Mangrove Snapper caught 8/3/20 on 1/8 oz yellow jig squid bait in 80 ft.
Deborah Calhoun with 21.25 in. Yellowtail caught in the tournament on 7/11 with ballyhoo plug and sandball.
Darla Applegarth with 20 in. Mutton Snapper caught 7/9 on 1/8 yellow jig with squid bait.
Darla Applegarth's catch 7/9 including 18 in. Yellow Tail
Wendy Cahill caught this 27 in. Mutton Snapper on live pinfish July 3rd.
Deborah Calhoun caught this 17 in. Vermillion Snapper in 300 ft. on 6/14
Bill Kluttz with 21 in. Speckled Trout caught in Whipray Basin on 6/16
Deborah Calhoun with 27.5 in. Red Grouper caught in 300 ft. on 6/14 aboard LADYFISH with Capt. Lee Lavery
Barry Gabler caught this 15 in. Speckled Trout 5/12/20 in the back country
Carlos Paez with 27 in., nearly 12 lb. Mutton Snapper caught 6 miles off Garden Cove on 6/14
Tom filled in a contest slot with this 10.5 in Mangrove Snapper caught off the dock with a piece of shrimp
Barry Gabler caught these two 5/21 in the back bay- 23in Red Drum and 16 in Sheepshead
Chip Futch with 18 in. Yellowtail caught on squid, near Davis Reef in 30 ft
Ken Duboff with 27.5 in. Blackfin Tuna caught on ballyhoo plug 5/2, deep dropping in 440 ft
Bill Cahill with 37 in. Black Grouper caught 5/1 in 140 ft of water on live grunt
Tom Kowitski with 22 in. Snowy Grouper caught 5/1 in 600 ft of water
Jim and Michelle Henrichsen with two 25 in. Grouper caught 5/1 on xrap 30 orange/lime and rap 20 fish colored in 15 ft of water
Tom Kowitski with 12.25 in. Mangrove Snapper caught 4/29 on live pilchard in 6 ft of water along the mangroves
Tom Kowitski with 24 in. Blackfin Tuna caught 4/26 on chrome headed feathers in 140ft. off French Reef
Tom's Yellow Eye haul on 4/26
Kim Koch with 29 in. Kingfish caught 4/16 on ballyhoo in 118ft.
Darla Applegarth with 28 in. Mutton Snapper caught 4/17 using 1/16 yellow jig with shrimp on snapper rod in 80ft
Barry Gabler with 23 in. Yellowtail caught 4/16 southeast of Davis Reef in 85ft
Tom Kowitski with 21 in. Mutton Snapper caught 4/16 off of French Reef
Bill Cahill with 26.5 in. Mutton Snapper caught 4/16 on live pinfish
Vickie Katzenstein with 19.5 in. Yellowtail and others, caught 4/11 aboard the Gulfstream at one of Chan Warner's Special Spots.
Marie McFarland with 17 in. Blackfin Tuna caught 4/11
Kim Koch with 22 in. Yellowtail Snapper caught 4/5 in 119ft on Ballyhoo chunk
Lee Lavery with 42 in. Wahoo caught 4/9 in 389ft blind trolling a ballyhoo with white and silver mylar lure, gaffed by Tom Vogel
Black-Bellied Rosie and Tile Fish caught 4/4 by Tom Kowitski in 825ft
Tom's Catch
Tom Kowitski caught this 19 in. Blackfin Tuna in 200-600ft under birds and 24 in. Dolphin in 800ft. under scattered weeds. Both on 4/4.
Wendy Cahill with 24 in. Mahi caught 4/3 on naked ballyhoo- no skirts in 630 ft under weed line. Those in the background were caught on blue and mylar rattle jet
Darla Applegarth with 26 in. Cero Mackerel caught in 50 ft on 1/16oz jig bonito bait, 4/3
Bill Kluttz with 22 in. Sea Trout caught 4/3 in Whipray Basin on shrimp jig
Smokey McFarland with 19 in. Blackfin Tuna caught 3/18 near Carysfort in 241 ft.
Tom Vogel with 23 in. Mangrove Snapper caught 3/31 on sandball in 102 ft.
46 in. Kingfish caught by Tom Egyhazi 3/30 on live ballyhoo, 50ft down in 200 ft of water
Lee Lavery with 45 in. Wahoo caught 3/25, trolling a Mikie Special in 272 ft. Expertly gaffed by Deborah
Jim Henrichsen with 26.5 in., 10.6 lbs. Mutton Snapper caught on 3 ft fluoro, ballyhoo plug, large circle hook, 3/24
40 in. Dolphin caught by Wendy Cahill on rigged ballyhoo, blue and white skirt, 3/25
Bill Kluttz with 18.5 in. Sea Trout caught near Sandy Key on 3/25
Tom Kowitski with 15 in. Mangrove Snapper caught on 3/24
Tom Kowitski's 3/24 take, including the 22 in. Porgy upper left
25 in. Mangrove Snapper caught by Darla Applegarth on 12lb test, 1/8oz jig using cut Bonita, in 60 ft. on 3/21
Tom Prazan with 18.5 in. Yellowtail caught with sandballs 3/20 by the Elbow in 100 ft.
20 in. Mutton Snapper caught 3/18 by Bill Kluttz near the Elbow in 20 ft.
21 in. Spanish Mackerel caught 3/16 by Jim Card in Blackwater Sound under a huge flock of birds
Capt Jim Card with Blackfin Tuna 22 in. to the fork, caught 3/13 on a "Mikey Special" in 1,000 ft
35 in. Dolphin Fish caught by Kim Koch on spinner with free line ballyhoo, 3/7
Kim Koch with 30 in. Mutton Snapper caught 3/5 on ballyhoo in 225 ft.
36 in. Kingfish caught 3/2 by Kim Koch on ballyhoo and jig in 260 ft.
Joanne Futch with 16 in. Yellowtail caught with squid in 50 ft on the reef edge, March 5
Tony Bello with Black Drum caught and released Feb 28 in Jewfish Creek
16 in. Yellowtail caught by Kim Koch on ballyhoo strip and jig, Feb 18
Kim Koch with 51 in. Kingfish caught on handmade tinsel jig and ballyhoo in 205ft, Feb 16
23 in. Blackfin Tuna caught by Kim on Billy bait in 200ft, Feb 14
Kim Koch's 18 in. Blackfin Tuna caught trolling blue and red Billy bait in 180ft, Feb 6
Kim Koch with his 30 in. Mutton Snapper caught in 225ft Feb 2, using live ballyhoo
Tom Kowitski caught this 17 in. Mutton Snapper Feb 3 on Mosquito Bank, using chunk ballyhoo
Carol Garrity with her 22 in. Mutton Snapper caught Jan 20th on Cannon Patch with Captain William Garrity on W.
Kim Koch with his 31 in. Mutton Snapper caught Jan 24th on live ballyhoo in 230ft
23 in. Mangrove Snapper caught by Kim Koch Jan 24th
Kim Koch with his 24 in. Yellowtail caught Jan 17th in 130ft. on live cigar minnow
Kim Koch and Lee Lavery with their 57 in. Swordfish caught Jan 29th in 1,416ft. on sewn barracuda with Captain Tom Prazan. Weight prior to eviscerating, approx. 100 lbs.
Sal Livoti with Mutton Snapper measuring 27.75 in. caught in 15 ft. with ballyhoo chunk on January 21
Beautiful Palomets caught by Michelle Henrichsen January 21
20.5, 20.625 and 21 in.Muttons caught by Jim Henrichsen January 21
15 in. Blackfin Tuna contest entry caught by Smokey McFarland January 20 - 500 ft off Carysfort
Marie McFarland measuring her Mahi for the winter contest 30 in. caught off Carysfort in 500 ft on January 20
Haul taken by the Kowitskis, January 20
Tom pulled in this Margate off the bottom measuring 25 in.-January 20
Tom Kowitski's 16 in. Blackfin Tuna caught in January off Molasses at 320ft
Kim Koch's winter contest entry - 27 in. Mutton Snapper caught Jan 1st at 170ft on speedo
Tom Kowitski caught this 17 in. Mutton Snapper Feb 3 on Mosquito Bank, using chunk ballyhoo
Tom Kowitski with a 22 in. Mutton Snapper caught Dec 31st in 6ft on a whole live ballyhoo.
Tony Bello with 35" Snook catch and release Dec 28th in Flamingo
Kim Koch took the largest Kingfish in the 2020 Winter Tournament. His catch weighed in at 12.06 lbs.
Jim Henrichsen's 21 in. Mutton caught Dec 25th in 18ft of water on a medium yellow jig and large shrimp aboard the Isabella with Captain Michelle Henrichsen
2020 Winter Tournament Largest Wahoo was caught by Buddy Urban, fishing on Joe Cloutier’s boat. Weight: 15.06 lbs.
Big Dolphin caught by Dan Troutman, trolling 16 miles offshore Key Largo. Measured at 52 in. to fork of the tail.
Deborah Calhoun with 20 in. Yellowtail caught in 120 ft. on a silverside.
28 in. Snook taken from Trout Cove by Tony Bello on 9/25
Capt. Lee took these Yellowtail and Yellow Eye Snapper aboard her boat Ladyfish.
Mike got this 42 in. Mahi in 1600' on his flats boat
24 in Yellowtail Snapper caught by Mike Casale
Mike Casale with his 21 in Blackfin Tuna, caught trolling a stubby in 300'
24 in Trout caught in Madeira Bay by Bill Kluttz
21 in Mutton caught by Lee, sandball aboard Latitude Changer with Capt. Mike Casale in 120 ft of water.
Tony caught this 35 lb Tarpon in Terrapin Bay.
Dolphin, 48 inches, caught by Pam Dyches, in 1150 ft of water off Molasses.
Lee caught this 30" Red Grouper in 325' on dolphin belly (hand cranked).
Marc Fernandez caught this 36 in dolphin on floating pallet about 600 feet deep.
A 42.5 inches dolphin caught by Tommy Dyches, in 850 feet of water off Molasses.
Ths Snowy grouper was 23 in and the tuna 19 in caught by Tom.
The mahi were caught by a turtle in 650 ft off Molases. Tom's bull was 29 inches and Renee's cow was 23 inches.
A 28 inches Mutton caught by Kim on live ballyho in 210 ft.
This 29 1/4 inch Mutton was caught by Bill on live Pinfish.
Deborah using sand ball caught this 28” Mutton in 77' of water.
This 21” Yelloweye was caught by Lee in 300’ of water.
Renee and her 23 in Red Grouper caught at Mosquito Bank.
Great catch by Deborah and Lee aboard the Ladyfish using live ballyhoo in 85 feet of water.
Renee caught this 13 in snapper at Mosquito Bank.
Smokey McFarland caught using ballyhoo this 27 in dolphin off Carysfort in 350 ft of water. Marie caught the 18 in tuna off Carysfort in 250 ft of water.
Tom got this 28 inch mutton on a live pilchard in 130 feet off French Reef.
Tom caught this 14 inch blackfin in 150 ft.
This 34 inches Kingfish was caught on ballyhoo and hand made jig in 210 feet of water. Great catch Kim!
Pam caught this 20 in tuna trolling in 600 ft of water.
Kim caught this 42 inches Dolphin in 250 ft of water flatlining with live ballyhoo.
Another nice catch by Kim. This Mutton snapper was 30 inches and caught on ballyhoo in 220 feet.
Tom Vogel's Cero Mackerel 32.5 inches caught on a sand ball in 125 feet of water.
Tom caught this 22.5 inch yellow tail in 125 feet of water on a sandball.
A 39 in Cobia caught by Tom
Caught by Tom in 650 foot of water using rigged ballyhoo.
Mutton snapper 29 inches caught By Kim Koch on ballyhoo in 251 ft of water.
Dolphin caught by Kim Koch. It was 47 inches, to the fork. Flatlining dead ballyhoo on spinner 20 lb test line in 1700 ft of water.
A 15 inch mangrove caught by Tom Kotwiski in about 8 feet of water on a ballyhoo plug.
Tom caught this 31.5 inch mahi. Got it on a chrome jet head in about 250 feet of water
This Kingfish was caught off Molases in 120 feet of water on a butterflied ballyhoo. Weighed just under 30 lbs and was 43 inches long.
Jack caught by Jim.
A nice 16.5 inch yellowtail caught by Renee while fishing on Mosquite Bank in 7 feet of water on a ballyhoo plug.
Nice 35 in Kingfish caught on ballyhoo in 215 ft.
Jim jeffries caught both the 48 in. Bull Mahi and the 48 in. Cow in 1200 feet. The cow was caught on a four-inch halloween and the bull on a live ballyhoo on a spinner.
A 26.5 inch Mackerel caught by Tom Kowitski using a live ballyhoo in 8 feet of water on Mosquito Bank.
Jim Jeffries caught these 20 and 21 inches trouts at Black Water Sound.
Mangrove snapper- 23 inches caught on pinfish in 118 ft.
Spanish Mackerel - 24 inches, caught by Susan Gabler on live shrimp, patch reef in 15 feet water.
Black fin tuna 25 inches fork caught on live ballyhoo in 118 ft of water
Mutton snapper 28 inches caught on speedo in 215 ft.
Martha Trueman caught a 15 inch Mangrove Snapper in 12 ft of water on cut bait.
Wendy with a 28 inch Mutton caught last week on live pinfish in 132 ft of water.
Smokey Mcfarland caught this 41.5 in Wahoo in 350 ft of water off Carysfort.
Martha Trueman caught this 25.5 inch Dolphin in 700 ft of water on a natural bait.
A good fishing day for Marie and Smokey McFarland.
Michelle and Jim Henrichsen caught this 29" Yellow Jack.
This 21” yelloweye was caught aboard LADYFISH by Deborah Calhoun on Feb. 7.
This 18 in tuna was caught in 245 feet of water.
Michelle Henrichsen with a 20.5 in Triggerfish caught in 75 feet with shrimp.
This 25.5 in Cero was caught in 75 feet with shrimp.
What a nice load! The biggest 19 inch. Out near the Spegiel Grove in 116 ft using sand balls and ballyho chunks.
This is a 22 inch yellowtail that Gena caught off the Spiegel Grove using cut Ballyhoo.
Bill caught this 34 in Blackfin tuna on a live goggle eye and circle hook.
Karen Schneeberger caught her very first Yellowtail, 23 5/8" in 80' with shrimp.
This 38 inches Kingfish was caught on ballyhoo 3 hook rig in 112 ft deep.
This 25 inch Mutton was caught on pinfish.
Barry Trueman caught this 18 inch Trout using a 3" new penny shrimp in Blackwater Sound
This 23.75 in Blackfin tuna was caught by Mike MacDonald, in 290 feet of water off Molasses Reef.
This 26.5 inch mutton snapper was caught by Kim Koch using ballyhoo for bait in 30 ft deep.
Jim caught this 20 in. Triple Tail, on schoolie rod w/ ballyhoo chunk and circle hook.
Michelle caught this 21" yellowtail in 80 ft of water.