Longest Wahoo, Tuna and Kingfish

9 Day Tournament – January 23 – 31, 2021

Deadline to Enter: January 22, 2021

Free Tournament, Open to Members in Good Standing

Honor System Entries – Measure to Fork of Tail. Please send photo and length to Darla Applegarth @ applegarthdarla@yahoo.com.

Fish that do not win the tournament can be entered into the Winter Contest, which now runs December to April.


1. All boat captains must be UKFC members in good standing, and may have as many member fishermen as desired as long as they are not a hired captain; limited only by what the vessel can safely carry. If you wish to invite a non-member, they must join the club prior to the tournament.

2. Each member fisherman and captain will contribute $10 to a pool. Following the tournament, at the next regularly scheduled meeting, the registered tournament captains’ names will be put in a hat and a random name will be drawn. That captain will receive all the money from the pool.

3. Captains must register at least 24 hrs prior to tournament start by submitting this Entry and Hold Harmless Agreement.

4. In order to qualify, a fish must be caught by rod and reel in accordance with all Florida fishing regulations.

5. The catching of bait (including use of hook and line) will be allowed prior to tournament start. Fish will be weighed on a first come first sere basis. Boats must leave from a port located between Ocean Reef and Long Key.

6. The tournament channel is 72.


1. There is no Weather Committee and this is a captain’s choice tournament. All team captains, members, boat owners, and all other participants are responsible to determine that their craft is sea-worthy and are advised and encouraged to be familiar with the current local weather conditions and forecasts to determine if the conditions permit safe departure of the boat, crew, anglers, and guests as well as return in a safe and prudent manner.

2. The UKFC reserves the right to postpone the tournament. The tournament committee will make a weather decision after the 5pm marine forecast the night before the tournament. If the forecasted wave height is 5ft or more, the tournament will be delayed.

3. The Rules Committee, consisting of 3 participating captains, will make decisions necessary with regard to rule compliance. In the event a committee member is involved, the tournament chairman will vote in their place.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS: I understand and acknowledge that the activities I am about to engage in bear certain risks and unanticipated risks, which could result in injury, death, or damage to myself, my property, or to other third parties.

ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK: Being aware that this activity entails risks of injury to me and to third parties as a result of my actions, I agree to accept and assume all responsibility and risk for injury, death or damage to other third parties and their property arising from my participation in this activity. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary and I elect to participate in spite of the risks.

I hereby voluntarily release the UKFC, its agents, or board of directors and all other persons or entities from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action, which are related to, or are in any way connected with my participation in this activity, including specifically, but not limited to the negligent acts, or omissions of the UKFC, its agents and all other entities for any and all injury, death, damage to myself, or to my property.

I further agree, promise and covenant to hold harmless and indemnify the UKFC, its agents, or board of directors and all other persons or entities from all defense costs, including attorney’s fees, or from any other costs incurred in connection with claims for bodily injury, or property damage which I may negligently, or intentionally cause to other third parties in the course of my participation in this activity.

I further agree, promise and covenant not to sue, assert, or otherwise maintain, or assert any claim against the UKFC, its agents, board of directors and all other persons or entities, for any injury, death, or damage to myself or my property, arising from, or in connection with my participation in the activity, or from any claim asserted against me by other third parties. In acknowledging this document, I fully recognize that if anyone is hurt, or property is damaged while I am engaged in this activity, I will have no right to make a claim, of file a lawsuit against the UKFC or its officers, agents, or board of directors, even if any of them negligently cause bodily injury or damage.

EFFECT OF THIS AGREEMENT: I understand and acknowledge that by initiating and/or submitting this document:

I have given up certain legal rights and/or possible claims which I might otherwise assert, or maintain against the UKFC, its agents, or board of directors and other persons, or entities, including specifically, but not limited to, rights arising from, or claims for the acts, or omissions, negligent in any degree, of the UKFC, its agents, board of directors and all other persons, or entities.

I have assumed responsibility and legal liability for the claims, or other legal actions, including defense costs, which may be asserted by crew members, or third parties against me as a result of participation is this activity.

I have acknowledged that this is the entire agreement between myself and UKFC, its agents, or board of directors and that it cannot be modified or changed in any way by the representative, or statements of any board member, or agent of the UKFC, or by me.